Paul has now placed a new Top Bar Hive, a ‘minimal intervention’ type of bee hive, at the SACAA Apiary. So we now have 3 hives – 1 traditional hive (managed by Anna) and 2 top bar hives (managed by Paul). Two of the hives have bee colonies in resident. Our traditional hive has a very strong colony that was collected as a swarm last June. The bees have overwintered well and everyone can see the activity at the hive entrance. The top bar colony has yet to take off for the year, but we are hoping to house a swarm in the new hive soon.

Other news from the apiary is that we have added further screening – and will assess the need for any additional screens over the coming few weeks.

Paul will be at the Open Allotments day on Sunday 5th June, so if you have any questions about bees or beekeeping, please come along!