The SACCA Committee have recently approved plans to make better use of the old orchard area at the bottom, eastern end of the Church Allotments. This area was taken up by a rather large rabbit warren, some very diseased stick-like plum trees, and ever-encroaching brambles and nettle forest, and really could not be used for any useful purpose. Tidying up and clearing this area meant that a perfect new home could be provided for the Allotments Apiary. The Committee felt that the Allotments Apiary was a little too close to the children’s playground across the lane, which is getting more and more used, and in addition, relocation of the hives will cause less nuisance to adjacent allotmenteers and visitors to the Cabin.

Last week the digger man Ian Holifield came to do the work – ably supervised by Stuart Walton and suitably recorded by others on the Committee (see photos!). The area now looks very different, and our very large, heritage apple tree has become a lovely feature of this part of the Allotments. The Committee have also recently approved spend of SACAA funds on a professional new, rabbit proof fence adjoining the first allotment, that will finish off the job.

The clearing of the site means there is now opportunity to make this a truely wildlife friendly area, and no doubt there will be calls for working parties to sow wildflower seeds and so on next spring!